xdAD Release History - January 2018 (versions to 2.3.4)

The following release notes applies to version to 2.3.4 released in January of 2018.

Main Software

Bug Fixes - Fixed the name of Attribute Editor - Fixed the refresh when editing attributes in Manage Users - Fixed temporary pop-up confirmation in Edit School Structure - Fixed menu and button test from “Add groups” to “Add User to Groups” and from “Delete Groups” to “Delete User from Groups” and put these items on two separate pages – “Manage Teachers” and “Manage Users” - Fixed the bug that was hiding the pop-up window in the AD Account Template page Features - Added an exporting feature to “Manage Region Servers” – can now export to file - Added the export feature to Manage Site Servers page - Added a tab called “Attribute Edit” for editing attributes in Manage Users
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