xdAD Release History - September 27, 2017 to November 27, 2017 (versions to

The following release notes applies to version to released between September 27, 2017 to November 27, 2017.

Main Software

Bug Fixes - Fixed Menu item in “Role” - Added missing pictures to TFS - Fixed searching in Direct AD User Tasks page - Fixed Web Service Settings and Application Settings pages - Added missed settings to setup VCSettings.config file - Fixed Master Licenses number in Default page - Fixed all wrong links to help image file in title - Fixed in Domain Settings the page scrollbars - Fixed bug that was mixing up "Drive Mapping" and "Hide/Lock Drives" in AD Account Template page - Updated Service dll - Fixed a bug in the function to search for AD user Features - F Added new files SYSVOLMaintenance.aspx and EnforceManageGroupsOnUsertype.aspx Usability Upgrades - Changed the size of the top left logo - Widened Files page - Changed the Edit School Structure table to 100% height - Changed the Structure Template page to the height of Splitter - Changed the height of the table on the AD Account Template - Changed the location of the label between tables in “DB to AD Mapper” page - In Structure Template, added scrolling - Added open and close tree buttons to Manage Role - Changed height of pages for Manage Region Servers, Manage Site Servers, Manage Servers, and Manage Workstations - Added drag-and-drop to Manage Users - View Reports - Changed the height of titles in Default Page Logo for Chrome and in DB to AD Mapper Configuration The overall user interface has been widened and the following pages have changed: - Administrative Console - "Diagnostic Tools" - Administrative Console - "Role Management" - Administrative Console - "Group Assignments" - Administrative Console - User Management - "Synchronize Users" - Administrative Console - User Management - "DB to AD Mapper Configuration", "Manage User Settings" without Workstation Client Settings - Organization Management Manage Resources - Legacy Regions - Organization Management – “Manage School Structure”, “Manage Regions” - Organization Management “General Settings” - Changed grids height in “Manage Users” and “Add Ins” - Manage VC Teachers, Teacher Tool Settings, and changed height of “Roster” grid pages - Manage Rosters, Manage Roster Users and Settings - Server Registration, General Settings, and Custom Command - Mail Box Database, User Category, and Mail Store - Configuration, Content Filter and Action Log - Self Service Admin and Self Service Configuration - Configuration and Administrative Tasks - Reports and Edit Reports - Import School Location - Import by File - DB Info Tasks - Manage by Exception - Grid in AD Account Template - Allow Exe, Security Settings and OU Run Scripts - Manage Roster dropdown and Teacher Tools
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