xdAD Release History - October 20, 2017 (versions 1.3.x to

The following release notes applies to version thru released on October 20, 2017.

Main Software

Bug Fixes - Fixed adding settings to config file in log - Improved the handling of error messages from service - Fixed the UI issue in Manage Role Features - Added to VC Settings config the property "Session Time Out" and implemented that feature - Added the refresh on the Manage Role page after editing in Manage Roles - Updated the RadTabStrip_Properties handling - Added hiding tab “Client Settings” of User Properties - In Manage VC Users, added two menu items: "Apply Managed Groups on Selected Users" and "Apply User Template on Selected Users" - Added functionality to pop-up window in Diag_student_local_id - Changed logging logic - Added a limitation of days and size or log file - Changed logging logic -Added level of logging: none, errors, warnings, verbose Usability Upgrades - Widened Edit School Structure - Shortened AD Account Template

Sysvol Maintenance

Bug Fixes - Fixed Delete request - Fixed site type and added tooltips; adjusted column name Features - Added notification of long action - Redesigned flow of controls - Added cross controls limitation login - Added a Sysvol Maintenance page - Added “Sysvol Backup UNC Path” option to Domain Settings

Managed Groups

Bug Fixes - Changed the action of button "Yes" on "Remove" and "Add" Group to actually remove them - Changed feedback from "Save Completed" to "Saved Successfully" - Changed logic to submit Manage/Unmanage changes on first action button to "Yes" - Fixed the “Adding Groups” issue

Manage VC Users

Features - Changed the service argument for "Apply User Template on Selected Users" from objectguid to RefID

Group Management

Bug Fixes - Finished merging from main branch after merging from main branch - Corrected text of message on successful service request for “Apply Enforce Manage Group on User Type” Features - Added page "Apply Manage Groups on User Type" - Added two menu items: "Manage Selected" and "Unmanage Selected" - Added column "Is Managed" - Added full filter features to grid - Added “Is Managed” column to Group Management Usability Upgrades - Added to windows the Move and Resize features


Bug Fixes - Fix in Role” the highlighting of old values - Fixed “Role” styles - Fixed “Role” layout Features - Added “Skin” - Added saving options dialog window to where role is located - Added styles to “Role” for the “save” and “remove” buttons Usability Upgrades - Widened “Manage Roles” layout - Improved layout for “Manage Roles”
Published on: 2019-02-11
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